Terms and Conditions

In the following passages we outline the terms and conditions that apply when booking an Experience, a Package or a Course with us.

You will find informations about

  • How to make and secure your booking

  • Time of full payment requirement

  • Cancellation policy

  • General policies


How to make and secure your booking

To make a booking you need to get in contact with us and agree on dates and contents of your booking. Once agreed to secure your booking a prepayment of 50% is required.

Time of full payment requirement

Full payment is required upon arrival on the first day.

Cancellation policy

The reservation deposit is non refundable.

For the second part of the payment the following statement applies:
Cancellation 120+ days before arrival: 90%, 10% is to pay.
Cancellation 61+ days before arrival: 70%, 30% is to pay.
Cancellation 50-60 days before arrival: 40%, 60% is to pay.
Cancellation 22-49 days before arrival: 20%, 80% is to pay.
Cancellation 15-21 days before arrival: 10%, 90% is to pay.
Cancellation after 14 days before arrival: full amount is to pay.



Payment is accepted via Bank transfer, PayPal, Cardpayment in the Shop or Cashpayment. Please note that extra fees must be paid by the person making the booking.

Costs that are not included in the prices are:

  • Diving insurance

  • Diving medical

  • PADI Professional Membership Fees.

General Policies

By agreeing on booking contents and making the reservation deposit it is deemed that you are fit to dive. If in doubt check with
doctor and inform us before making the reservation.


If you do not complete the training because you are unfit to dive, unprofesional behaviour of lack of commitment to completing preformance requirement, no refund will be given.

If you do not complete your training within the scheduled timeframe and need additional time to complete training am additional fee will be charged.